Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Feeding the Inner Realms: Link Roundup

Some of my favorite forms of stories are: fairy tales, epic fantasies, gothic (my latest obsession!) and magical realism. I find the inner realms of the human psyche to be some of the most fascinating terrain on the planet. Seriously. I'm not one of those drawn to outer space, which is probably why I often skirt science fiction—well, at least space operas, etc.—it's those infinite and mysterious inner landscapes that call me. They always have.

I love when the things we cannot see, but KNOW are given substance in a story's "reality;  buried emotions, fulcrums of psychological entrenchment and surrender, the gossamer thread of interior relationships, nourishment and destruction of the human spirit ... I know, that stuff is present in all fiction—to a degree—but it's given more weight when supernatural elements are present.

In that vein, I'll be posting a link roundup to feed the inner realms on the first of every month.

Five hundred new fairy tales discovered in Germany a Grimm contemporary

One Artist Rips Open Grimms' Fairy Tales to Reveal Their Gruesome, Feminist Roots
depicting the subversive fairy tale

Alexander McQueen: Fashion' dark fairytale goth + fairytale + fashion = brilliant

This Teacher is Using Fairy Tales to Teach Kids about Gay Rights and Gender Equality is it right to kiss a princess while she is sleeping?

Grimms' fairy tales: the hardcore version fairy tales in the raw

Fairytale Book Covers by Latvian Artist Aniko Kolesnikova gorgeously intense

Russia's Wild Animals Meet Fairytale Photograpy ten stunning images

Western Fairytales Get a Korean Makeover in Gorgeous Illustrations east meets west

"Into the Woods" review: A fairy-tale worth entering a dark, exquisitely enchanting pleasure

Happily Never After: The 10 Worst Fairy Tale Movies tough critic!

Match the Iconic Fairy Tale Symbols to the Movie quiz, courtesy of Disney (my score: 80!)

Top 10 facts about fairy tales possible plots for fairy tales—only 2,399?!?

Fairytale logic the urban dictionary