Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fantasy Book Lane Reviews Half Faerie

Last week I shared Erica Lane's review of Isolt's Enchantment. This week I'm going to share her review of Half Faerie...

Let me begin by saying this is an immense fantasy world complete with old tales and legends. A lot of thought has gone into creating this world, and it really shows. Present are faeries, pixies, elves, brownies, and trolls. There are some pretty cool cat characters with distinct personalities, along with a goat that is smarter than some people. Add in some dwarves who love to cook (who I thought were just plain awesome), and you’ve got a rich fairy tale world. The presence of pixies and animal characters might give one the impression that this book is intended for children, but it definitely isn’t. The plot is complex, as are the characters, making this a high fantasy fairy tale fit for adults.

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Thank you, Erica!

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