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  1. I am a fan. I teach Exploring Meditation and your blog on meditation is in complete alignment with my view. I love your Daughter of Light series. When will the next book come out?

    1. Marcey, that is so cool! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your meditation perspective:D It is wild & wooly out there, isn't it? How is your teaching going? I hope well. I think meditation is so powerful. Kudos to you for teaching it and sharing it in that way with others. The official writing of my "Sunburned" blog is done, but I'm planning to post a list of links to meditation articles, etc weekly as a follow-up. Please send me links to your site (or let me know if you'd like me to include it at some point in the links!) and links to any posts you'd like me to include as time goes on.

      I'm so glad to hear you loved DOL! I'm really excited about the last book in the trilogy; because of all the moving pieces, it's taken longer to work out all the plot character details. BUT RIGHT NOW it looks like it will be November/December of this year. Sincerely, Heidi