Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sleeping Beauty ... A VERY Contemporary Retelling

I would like to introduce you to something beautiful. Something inspired. Something profound.

Watching Advanced Ashtanga Yoga Practice and Poetry with Marie Belle will require less than 3 minutes of your day, but it might transform your conception of the female body forever.

Marie Belle PR
Taking a Trauma-Informed Perspective to Yoga with Marie Belle - Podcast

I watch it and see Sleeping Beauty … a VERY contemporary retelling.

Fairytales re-surface to be mined again and again. In the simplicity of their plot structures or “tale-types”, they are templates for unformulated experience and ripe for projection. Their motifs, symbols and themes easily arouse desires, emotions, and thoughts otherwise pushed aside or kept at a distance that yearn for expression if not embodiment.

They are also easily re-written.

Traditionally, Sleeping Beauty tells the tale of a female infant cursed to die at the age of sexual blossoming. However, life, fate, good faeries intervene. The curse is transmuted. She will not die, she will only fall into a deep sleep from which she may be awakened by a kiss from her beloved/betrothed.

And as the female infant-child-adolescent sleeps, so does the world around her.

Emergent consciousness. We are all being given the opportunity to see the world in new ways. Right now. This is happening. 

Witness: A princess, not asleep but “lost”; the female, not an infant but an adult. Enclosed within cement-concrete-metal bars and wires, high rises, palm trees, and urban sprawl —the modern dark woods or deep forest.

A sleeping populace.

On the horizon, an ocean — metaphysical source of nourishment.

The ultimate twist: “Magic” arrives in the form of a yoga mat.

A very contemporary retelling indeed.

No prince charming with soft lips to kiss. This female-princess-woman has encountered  a completely distinct — dare I say — novel Other. 

She has encountered A Practice.
I found myself falling in love, in silence, exploring, beyond the thinking mind.

Beyond the stories locked up inside of this ribcage.

I was not lost, I was being re-routed, my inner compass was redirecting me to this space of becoming more myself. 

I love this practice. 
— Marie Belle PR


Not only is it stunning in its poetry, its stunning in its convergence with … 

Watch the video again and ponder some of these quotes from Molly McCord’s Channeled Cosmic Messages for the Decade: 2020 to 2029.

one of the best things that  humanity can do at this time is to continue to develop our spiritual and intuitive gifts; to get out of the mind, to understand the significance of the body

as the energies within each of us evolve, we change the consciousness of humanity, and we change the matrix of energies on the planet

health and the human body are changing in this decade in a very significant way

the removal of impurities that our bodies have normalized holding: this is the energetics of the human body changing into a more pure form

the rising energies of body consciousness, respecting and loving the human body, of not taking it for granted

one of our strongest gifts at this time in our lives and in the earth’s existence is understanding the power of our hearts, the power of our bodies, the power of our intuition: how to honor all of our energies and moving away from over-reliance on the mind


Two final thoughts.

  • Marie Belle PR is my yoga teacher. (And yes I am honored to say that!) When she speaks of Advanced Ashtanga I am most certain that she is speaking of the practice and postures beyond what is traditionally known as the Primary Series. (Uhm … those displayed in her gorgeous video!) But I experience her Advanced Ashtanga as evolved Ashtanga … an Emergent Ashtanga. An anthropologist of that particular style of yoga, she has traveled to India and studied at the source along with many diverse teachers of the lineage throughout the world. And then she takes it further. With a grounded understanding of what may or may not be right for a particular body in a particular pose. With language that allows for discovery, rather than dogmatic alignments that ultimately impose injury. With curvilinear sensibilities. Both reverent and irreverent, I strongly recommend her On Demand 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

  • After watching the video, I could not help but think, in this age of #MeToo, that those wounds that are too deep, those wounds that are too entangled in the body, those wounds that leave us feeling hopeless: that they may never be fully healed. Here, a way to healing is offered. Not with words. No. Not verbally. But by a woman taking full possession of her body. The beauty, the dignity, the agency are breathtaking.
And so Sleeping Beauty awakens in a new, revelatory and extraordinary way.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Evolution as Progress ... or Depth?

I'd like to share some expansive, illuminating thoughts from Molly McCord’s podcast, Eclipse Energy Portals — Part 1, which aired on May 24, 2021.

There has been a top-down approach that has infringed on individual free will with regards to spiritual growth.

Now, there is/will be … a rising up of individual sovereignty around our personal belief systems.

What’s happened on the planet for centuries … individual choice has not been honored.

We’ve been told or we’ve been punished or we’ve been ostracized or alienated or persecuted for not going along with what we’re told.

What we’re shifting on the planet is this deeper understanding of spiritual connection and what it means to be spiritually connected in a way that resonates with you and that’s all you need. You don’t need outside approval, you don’t need others to agree, you don’t need to form a group and then create anything to support that.

Part of the earth experience is being an individual, being a sovereign energy field that allows others to be their own energy field as well. And this is how we raise the consciousness in ourselves as well as how we understand more of what’s possible on this planet.

So what we’re undergoing is a deep purging, cleansing and shifting of spiritual programming and spiritual connections. And this happens in so many ways, unlimited ways, and it is very personal based on your own lifetimes experiences.

Deep sigh.

Remember that Saturn-Jupiter conjunction — the Great Conjunction — in December 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius?!?!?

Well, it seems a new consciousness IS emerging. And first shoots are breaking ground …

Friday, April 9, 2021

Calling All Angels


It has been a long time 

And so much has happened.

Likely, I'll be returning. I'm just not sure when.

In the meantime, I just wanted to share something I saw recently that I really loved.

Please enjoy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Seeker Hero

Ryder tightened his grip around the large rock in his hand. He’d scoured Idonne’s rocky seashore for months, searching for the perfect stone.

 Fairy Tale Fantasy (Kindle Store)

 The first stone he’d brought back to his austere quarters had had a single sharp plane. He’d traded it out with four more before he’d settled on the one he held tonight. One of the stone’s edges sharpened into a jagged point. For weeks, night after night, lying awake on his pallet, he’d practiced shifting it into the right position. He didn’t need to look down now to know the stone’s point was centered.

For over a decade, Ryder, now nineteen, had been trained in the rigors of Idonnic research and documentation. Despite his lack of passion for the work, he had a talent. As Anton’s favorite, he’d been assigned to a closely guarded branch of Idonnic knowledge: the study of Umbra.

He’d read and reread every scrap of information the priests had collected about the mass of psychic ash accumulating in the Void. A product of mortal impotence, frustration, and failure, Umbra had formed a discrete identity and become self-aware over the eons. He intended to enter the realm of the material plane. He’d discovered a means to do so. He meant to destroy the Whole.

The priesthood would do nothing to stop the incarnation, and the Oath of Non-Interference Anton had contrived Ryder into taking a year ago—to the day—choked him. Vowing to chronicle and observe, but never to act, violated every fiber of his being.

There was also the ill-defined thing the young priest couldn’t name which called him. It radiated from deep within his heart, and of late, it left him sleepless most nights. As the summons grew more insistent, the need to leave Idonne dominated his thoughts. But he couldn’t leave without the sword.

Ryder examined the room. There were no guards, no spells of enchanted protection. Only the library’s labyrinth of marble halls hid Koldis from the rest of the enchanted world.

Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks

The sword wasn’t safe. Rumors had already reached his ears. Sorcerers and witches from Kyrakkos sought the blade and its counterpart Ormrun. Although there had been no sightings of the bejeweled basin for over a hundred years, there was no evidence Ormrun had ever left the Realm of Faerie’s shores.

The magical sword and basin opened a portal in the veil between the worlds. Plunged into Ormrun, Koldis became the key to unlock the ancient door. Umbra could leave the Void and travel through the Parallel of Shadows. He could incarnate his consciousness into a vessel of his choosing.

Last week a war captain from Huros had dined with Anton. He’d asked about Koldis. His tone had been casual, but Ryder was convinced the pretense for the visit had been a charade. The captain sought the sword.

Ryder raised his arm. No one who wanted Umbra’s power for themselves was going to get it.

He would sail to Faerie with Koldis. — Chapter 5. The Renegade Priest, Half Faerie

Epic Fantasy (Kindle Store)

The farther I get away from the writing Daughter of Light, the more I love Ryder. Without a doubt, he was the most challenging character for me to work with because his integrity and strength are most pronounced in what he does ... and what he leaves unsaid.

From Morphology of the Folk Tale by V. Propp:


The departures of seeker heroes and victim heroes are ... different. The departures of the former have search as their goal, while that of the latter mark the beginning of a journey without searches ... 

In certain tales spatial transference of the hero is absent. The entire action takes place in one location. Sometimes, on the contrary, departure is intensified, assuming the character of flight.

There are two, okay, really multiple heroes in Daughter of Light, but the main story revolves around Melia and Ryder. Melia is a victim hero. She is where she is and who she is—figuratively and metaphorically—when the story opens by virtue of birth and circumstance. Birth and circumstance will always impinge on Melia's choices in unavoidable ways. Her heroism will ultimately depend on how she uses her legacy to transform the future. Sometimes the toughest thing in life is working with what we've got and where we're at.

Ryder, on the other hand, is a SEEKER HERO. Yay, for travel, movement, action and adventure! Ryder's departure from the world he's known as home is intensified by hostile feelings for his mentor and an inner imperative to protect the Whole. And then there is that "ill-defined thing ... which called him."

Run by Thompson Square captures the hopes and dreams of the young priest from Idonne's determined departure:

Run Lyrics:

I'm gonna buy a boat and sail
And I'm gonna grab the world by the tail
And I'm gonna live and love and believe
No matter what tomorrow brings

I'm gonna run as fast as I can
Hold every little moment in the palm of my hand
I'm gonna fly right into the sun
Gravity can't stop me, I've already begun
I'm gonna run, run, run

Love taught me how to cry
But life taught me how to fight
And time showed my eyes how to see
And I'm not afraid 'cause now I'm free

I'm gonna run as fast as I can
Hold every little moment in the palm of my hand
I'm gonna fly right into the sun
Gravity can't stop me, I've already begun
I'm gonna run, run, run

When it feels like the world is crashing down
Just keep your feet on the ground and run, run, run
When you're broken, tired, hurt or scared
Let the wind take you here and run, run, run

I'm gonna run as fast as I can
Hold every little moment in the palm of my hand
I'm gonna fly right into the sun
Gravity can't stop me, I've already begun
I'm gonna run, run, run
I'm gonna run, run, run

I'm gonna run, run, run
I'm gonna run, run, run

As a half-faerie, Melia is an outcast in the enchanted world where she lives with her two sisters and full-blood faerie mother. The girls' father has been exiled to the mortal world for breaking his faerie troth. When a tragic accident destroys what's left of Melia's fractured family, her mother is unforgiving. The punishment she metes out will leave her daughter torn between guilt and ecstasy, challenge the bonds between three sisters, and complicate Melia's relationship with a young priest who’s come to the Realm of Faerie on a mission of his own.

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