Thursday, July 30, 2015

Release Day!

These arrived today! And they have been a long time coming. I'm so thrilled to announce the release of the second book in the Daughter of Light fantasy trilogy, Half Mortal.

As a young girl, I was completely unaware that several of my favorite authors were men: J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Stephen King. However, as I grew older, I came to realize: WAIT A MINUTE! Where are those female heroes? Now, we have a lot more stories with females front and center. AWESOME! I am proud to add the story told in Daughter of Light to that growing class of fantasy works.

I fell completely in love with Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. I became obsessed with studying how the books were edited for the big screen. The screenwriters did an amazing job. (I'm not discussing The Hobbit!) So when I set out to write the story that would become Daughter of Light, almost a decade ago, I wanted to create something epic along the lines of LOTR. And I wanted to make it more contemporary. And I wanted to make it about women. Check. Check. Check.

Melia takes an amazing journey in Half Mortal. The challenges and adventures she faces in this second installment deepen and strengthen both her identity and her relationships with the people she loves and cares about. She grows far beyond the young half-faerie that she was in the opening pages of Half Faerie.

So, if you haven't begun reading, you can pick up a copy of Isolt's Enchantment. The short novel, introducing the young priest from Idonne and the historic events that lead up to Melia's story, is free!

And if you want to keep reading, or share a gift with a friend or loved one, you can pick up a copy of Half Faerie.

If you've been reading all along, then you can continue with the next installment of Melia's fearless journey and epic transformation in Half Mortal now!