Tuesday, February 13, 2018

No. A.I. Will NOT be 'Billions of Times' Smarter Than Humans

A.I. Will be 'billions of times' smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it, experts say

I don't think so. And why not? All A.I. is built on databases of human input, and structured with language created and developed by humans. (BTW, we don’t even know how THAT was done—the creation of language!)

Have you ever tried to build an A.I. bot? Well it won’t work without LOTS OF HUMAN INPUT.  I mean LOTS OF HUMAN INPUT. And even with TONS of human input, guess what? The tech industry was thrilled when their A.I. bots “created” a new language. But they didn’t understand it. Why not? Garbage in, garbage out.

The losers in the A.I. race will be the A.I. faithful, those who have fallen for the A.I. priests and evangelists and their A.I. dogma, pledged their allegiance and set aside all their skepticism and inner (transcendent?) ability to suss out the truth. Yes, those who believe raping the earth and creating climate surges to spin element 93 (Neptuniam which "is radioactive, poisonous, pyrophoric, and can accumulate in bones, which makes the handling of neptunium dangerous" — Wikipedia) to run D-Wave computers will—OMG! create brilliance that surpasses the brilliance that created life.

Want to check out brilliance? Take a red pill and watch this video:

(If the clip doesn't begin at 2:30, go there and watch the two-minute reverse evolution of life and ask yourself: So why do they call it ARTIFICIAL intelligence?!?)

LIFE is forward-moving.

A.I. is built on the past. Always. Filters filtering the past. Algorithms manipulating past events. All balanced on the low-lying pinnacle of the limited intelligence of the programmer. Programmers. Yep.

All the millions and billions and trillions of dollars being sunk into this technology when a four-year-old is superior at constructing sentences and gaining flashes of insight.

Yes, there are great uses for databases. Even very complex ones.

But predicting human behavior? Advancing planetary evolution? Creating something new? HAH! Even if they were able to mimic success 9 times out of 10, it would be the 10th time that would alter the trajectory of the future.

Because the past is OVER. GONE. DONE. So expecting to supersede the past by mechanically crunching the past doesn't sound very brilliant.

Geez. Is that not obvious? Learned behavior does not equal consciousness; Artificial Intelligence is learned behavior, ergo Artificial Intelligence is not consciousness.