Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Unsung Heroes

Half Faerie is now available!

As I've been preparing for this release, I've been remembering when the story was born, oh so many years ago. The original premise was to tell how the "real story" of several fairy tale characters' lives in the enchanted world dramatically differed from the tales and stories that swirled around them in the mortal world. However, the plotting and world building became something of a nightmare, so I decided to scale it back and focus on a single fairy tale character. The two finalists were The Myrtle Faerie and Melusine. Melusine won out. There was just something about her dysfunctional family that I loved. Also, as a middle child, when I read:

The fates of the younger daughters are not important to the story, but that of Melusine--the eldest and leader--is...

I immediately imagined Melusine getting all the press in the mortal world while her two younger sisters battled it out as the unsung heroes in the enchanted world.

Plus, what was up with Pressina and that curse?!?!? What kind of mother would do that to her child? What would drive her? Compel her? Justify her actions? Could there be any justification?
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Those were the questions I set out to answer when I created Melia's world, the world of a young half-faerie, half-mortal who must step up when the world around her threatens to implode...