Monday, July 7, 2014

The Girl Who Watched For Elves is Free thru July 11th!

About The Girl Who Watched for Elves:

There are hidden treasures in every life.

Divorce is a traumatic occurrence in a child's life. Add in an evil stepmother and a passive, turn-his-head-the-other-way father and you've got a waking nightmare. That's the childhood a young woman relives as she spends an afternoon with a tarot reader. Caught in a web of past memories, she remembers how she turned to fairy tales for hope, "The Elves and The Shoemaker" in particular.

She half-believed elves would come to her aid too...

In her deepest heart, "The Girl Who Watched for Elves" yearns to love and trust herself. Her poignant journey--and determined search for a Happily Ever After in the real world--is a story of awakening to life's magic.

~ Excerpt ~

“You were betrayed,” he said. “Sacrificed.” He pointed to the next card, a cartoon heart pierced with three swords. Behind the central image, dark clouds roiled and visible tears, identical to those drawn on The Moon, fell from a thunderous sky.

The young woman appreciated how the tears on both cards were the same. They gave the cards, and the story of her life the tarot reading was telling her, a continuity she often longed for.