Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Mother & Child

Heather Baker—the main character in the original fairy tale The Girl Who Couldn't Singproduced a CD, The Faith of a Crucified Child, and a DVD, My Name is Heather Baker, Welcome to My World.

Today, I wanted to share a special clip from the DVD and a special mp3 from the CD. 

In today's DVD clip, Heather shares her belief about the sacred relationship between a mother and her child.

Although, Heather follows no particular religion, her faith in a higher being—that she often refers to as god—saturates her fundamental life philosophy.

In the song, A Mother's Prayer, Heather approaches that higher being, heart heavy with guilt from years of denying her relationship with her mother, at the behest of her father. Although she was very young, when the initial rejection occurred, her feelings of guilt—logical or not—are very real.

mp3: A Mother's Prayer

As a result of acknowledging and expressing that guilt, Heather experienced a deep healing. Reborn from that experience, her ultimate message is one of triumph and joy.

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