Friday, November 8, 2013

My Name is Heather Baker, Welcome to My World

In 2005, Heather Baker—the main character in the original fairy tale The Girl Who Couldn't Singproduced a DVD.

My Name is Heather Baker, Welcome to My World is a fresh, irreverent journey into one woman's psyche.

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Feeling out of place, but determined to make sense of it all, Heather uses different voices to chronicle her inner excursion, and we are invited along for the ride.

Whether it's dealing with darker fare like her mother's mental illness, quirkier subjects like her interest in astrology, or her obsession with the story of Seabiscuit, Heather uses her depth of insight, and zany sense of humor, to bring us all along with her.

The end result: We all enjoy the trip.

The DVD features several previously unrecorded songs: The Deep Blue Sea, Time and You, Broken Dolls, She Never Dyed Her Hair, and The Beach.

In this first clip, Heather introduces her multiple personalities, and discusses her ambivalence about her inner journey.

Perhaps, she's ambivalent about her inner journey, because troubling things lurk in the depths…

mp3: Modern Day Art

~ Excerpt  ~

Once upon a time there was a woman who didn't smile. She lived with a stern frown etched upon her face. On occasion, fleeting delight would catch her--like a doe in the headlights. Her lips would curve upwards, or she'd find herself unable to stifle a laugh, and someone would inevitably pronounce, "You have a beautiful smile."

She would pass the palm of her hand over her face, erasing all signs of glee, and grimace for the rest of the day in devoted penance, because life was a vale of tears and suffering, especially for women. That's what her Bible said, at least--and the misogynists.

The woman wasn't a particularly young woman, nor was she a particularly old one, but she wasn't quite middle-aged either. A late bloomer, with the planet of Neptune conjunct her Mid-heaven, she had a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality…

The three short stories, The Girl Who Watched for Elves, The Girl Who Dreamed of Red Shoes, and The Girl Who Couldn't Sing, chronicle the journey of a girl who believed in fairy tales and are a prelude to the Once Upon a Time Today collection.