Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swimming With the Dolphins

I'm still reading Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. This is one of those books that it is going to have a big impact on me. I can tell, cause you know, I know these kind of things. Maybe, I am a Wild Seed, too. If anyone ever asks me again: What do you want to be when you grow up? I will now and forever have to answer: A Wild Seed.

Ms. Butler creates a nice rhythm with her writing. The story has its roots in Africa and you can just hear the relentless droning of the djembe at a low volume on every page. Every now and then comes the shriek of a monkey, the roar of a lion, and the caw of an exuberant bird. The song is the whisper of ancient voices crossing the continuum of time.

Yes, I recommend reading it.

And I am over hear throwing my hands in the air, and swirling my hips because I found this picture. Did you hear that Crash-Thunk? That is me falling out of my chair.
OMG. Yes, I just wrote OMG!

You now have to read this book just so you can tell me whether or not you agree: Is this the perfect picture for this book, or what?

I wish Ms. Butler was still alive, I would send it to her with a note. YOU HAVE TO  SEE THIS!

The story has so many layers. Swimming with the dolphins is only one of them.