Sunday, February 3, 2013

Star Wars Meets Fairy Tales

R2D2, fairy godmothers, and magical pumpkins. Star Wars meets Fairy Tales. I'm reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer, of course.

What awesome fun. How can you not love a main character who's a cyborg and a mechanic? And it's set in New Beijing.

Poor Peony. Sob.

This is so clever it is entrancing. I'm reading it with one of my Goodreads groups in a Monthly Read-Along. Yes, I've heard about this book, but somehow have managed not to read it.

I just finished Book One. It's very tight, I like that. I do hope it holds, I've been in such a reading slump.

What's a reading slump? It's when the books you read, and you, aren't bonding at a cellular level. And then you start wondering…why do I read?

So … I'm really glad I'm enjoying Cinder. Fingers crossed, it will pull me out of my slump.