Sunday, March 4, 2018

We Will All Know Joy

In Isolt's Enchantment the story of a young priest in Idonne—Ryder—intertwines with tales about the origin of the Whole and the history of several magic artifacts that will figure largely in Daughter of Light.

The day came when the dwarf god crawled for the third time from the depth of Una’s belly. Blackened with soot and ash, he labored beneath a magnificent fiery wheel. The wheel flung energy far and wide from the core of its rotation. Vulcan roared, “I name this the Sun.”

A great light followed in the wheel’s wake, dispelling the darkness.

“What have you done?” Una exclaimed, “I can see all that I am, and I am glorious!”

It took all Vulcan’s strength to heave the flaming ball into the heavens where it would dance with the moon, like a lover, across Una’s starry skies until the end of time. “The Sun will be recognized as my most marvelous creation.”

Indeed it was, for Vulcan’s magic created a light which would rise each day from the east, spreading its potent, life-giving force upon Una’s fecund belly. Each night it would set in the west, as the moon appeared amidst the sparkle and shine of millions of twinkling stars.

“It’s breathtaking,” Una murmured. “Can I ever thank you?”

“I will bring my people here. They will nurture you to spectacular abundance. We will all know joy.” — Isolt's Enchantment, Isolt's Enchantment

Suffice it to say the road to joy will be a long and one winding one ...

I love this guitar cover of George Winston's Joy. It has the feeling of creation.

Isolt of the Waters is an ancient water elemental whose betrayal and enchantment has forever changed the Whole. When a young scholar in Idonne discovers her story, along with tales of dwarf magic and the birth of Umbra—a malevolent entity dwelling in the Void—he dreams of a life filled with adventure and heroism.