Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Isolt's Enchantment has a Beautiful New Cover!

Isolt's Enchantment has a beautiful new cover. I love it because the artwork captures the essence of Isolt and her story.

In the beginning Earth was called Una, and Azyllai is the home of the gods and the goddesses ...

One day Una gave birth to a daughter, beautiful, vivacious and flowing. “I shall name you Isolt of the Waters, for you have brought with you all the springs, rivers, lakes, and oceans.”

Isolt giggled as Una’s noble garden blossomed.

Somewhere between Azyllai and the borders of Una’s dark and light, a new world dawned. Born of pure energy and imagination, the Realm of Faerie came into being. Faeries, elves, pixies and brownies drew their first breaths.

The bounty of Isolt’s waters overflowed from her mother’s world into the Realm of Faerie, binding the worlds in symbiotic union.

In Faerie, the Great White Sea swelled, pouring itself into the mouth of the Nyssalei River, which flowed through Illialei until it filled the bottomless pool of Lake Vivientiana. Forever, there would be a doorway between the worlds.

As Isolt’s waters spread, the love of all creation grew for her.—Isolt's Enchantment

Isolt of the Waters is an ancient water elemental and her story, her betrayal, and her enchantment will change the Whole forever.

I love water: all the oceans, lakes and rivers. For most of my life, I've chosen to live near either a coastline, river or a lake.

I'll leave you with this beautiful ode to the waters of our world and a man who dearly loved them: