Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bye Bye, Facebook!

I'm officially off Facebook today. Once you delete your page and/or account they give you two weeks to think about it. I confess, I didn't think too much about it after I did the deleting a couple of weeks ago.

I don't hate Facebook. I just don't really get it. I'm super private. You probably think I'm not, because of various and sundry details I divulge here and there;) But I rarely share things when I'm "in the midst". I just can't. I'm incapable. When I'm deep in the throes of something, anything, good and/or bad, I don't really want to discuss it, post it, update it. I WANT EXPERIENCE IT. Half the time I don't even know I'm "going through something" or "what I think about what I'm going through" until I'm out on the other side!

What would have to tell?!?!?! BwbwuBwbwuBwbwu! Boy, that would make for an exciting post:D

So, when I say I don't get Facebook, I'm just confessing that I don't get how to use it. I've never felt comfortable there. That's why I finally decided to leave. Although, EVERYONE has told me that as an author: YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK PRESENCE!

Oh well.

I DO, however, want to say THANK YOU to all the Facebook users who supported my page and showed up as I bumbled along there for almost two years! THANK YOU!!!!!

If you want to keep up with me, I'm hoping to blog more in 2015, send out an occasional newsletter, and I love Pinterest! You can also find me tweeting on occasion.