Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fangirling Dexter: Episode 8.04 Scar Tissue

So everyone knows production wrapped for Dexter forever on July 10. Sob. And that it wasn't nominated for a single Emmy. Boo. And the cast was at Comic Con this past week. Yay.
But did you know that tonight's episode, 8.04 Scar Tissue, was the best episode EVER? I've already watched it twice. I was so riveted and freaked out. I screamed. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

The opening scenes with Deb and Dr. Vogel in the shipping crate—besides being incredibly intense—tied everything up with a huge bow. Dexter's origins, Deb's choice, Dr. Vogel's unapologetic obsession.

Pretty awesome.

And then came the scenes with Dexter and Dr. Vogel where he got angry with her. And everyone watching knew: She just doesn't get Dexter and Deb.
But you get the feeling that by the end of Season 8, she will.
I didn't see the end of this episode coming. At all. Maybe I should have. My husband predicted  Deb would commit suicide—like Harry. But I was like, No Way! Then there was that scene with Quinn. But the way Scar Tissue really ended freaked me out. And next episode's previews—couples counseling—can't wait to see Dexter mad at Deb.

Interesting Fact: I agree that one of the strengths of Dexter has always been the writing, but I never knew that—unusual for television—50% of the show's writers were women.

Fangirling Pick of the Week: The Dexter Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

And of course…we're all waiting for Hannah!
Michael C. Hall quotes: 
"I think I really need to focus on some rituals to get out of character."—SDCC panel