Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Extract: Tatou's hot temper plus Imagine Dragons

I have two treats for you today. How about we start off with an extract from Half Faerie? One featuring Tatou and her hot pixie temper…
From Half Faerie, "Chapter 36: A Field of Lilies"

“You couldn’t have stopped last night’s attack,” Tatou said. “There were too many of them.”
“There were only two,” Melia whispered.
“No,” Tatou said. “You’re forgetting about the archers. When Clover took me to the stream, the woods were thick with them. If you’d arrived earlier, they would’ve killed you.”
“They’ll do worse with Plantine if we don’t reach her in time,” Tuck said.
“Lord Goring needs her,” the pixie said. “He won’t let anything happen to her.”
Melia raised her eyebrows at her friend.
“What? He thinks Plantine is the only one in danger?” Tatou asked.
Tuck pushed away from the table. “That’s not what I meant.”
“Then what did you mean?” The pixie walked across the table to stand in front of him. “Those wolves would have swallowed me whole last night if Clover hadn’t had the good sense to hide me. Did you see the wounds on Flora’s back? Or notice the burns on her face? We’re all getting hurt trying to help Plantine.”
Tuck raised his hands. “I’m sorry, you’re right. I’m thinking only of Melia’s sister because I know how vulnerable she is from her mother’s curse.”
Tatou’s pixie temper soared. “Not too vulnerable to get the basin’s location and send—”
Gumf slammed the table with the palms of his hand. “Both of you, stop it.”
The tree elf and the pixie stared daggers at one another.
“You’re all on edge,” the Veil’s proprietor said. As if on cue, three dwarves appeared by his side. “Let them take you to your rooms. Bathe and get some rest tonight. You can continue your journey in the morning.”
No one moved.

Number two is special. Rachmi Febrianty created a brilliant playlist for the Daughter of Light trilogy. I've been listening to the songs over and over. And while I'm figuring out how to share them all with you, let me leave you with her suggestion for a song from Tuck to Plantine…it's perfect.

Please enjoy Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons…