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An Inner Connection

The blood-red sunset—swiped with lavender, fuchsia, and orange—signaled the approach of a pitch-black night. Melia waded across one of the Nyssalei’s sandbanks. The river was an in-between place, the waters unpredictable during the moons’ dark phase. She’d had to choose — risk the waters and reach the enchanted gardens under the safety of twilight, or end up running through the Footing Fields in total darkness.

When the vision overtook her, she stood with one foot on the Nyssalei’s bank and one foot in the water.

Warships approach. Their dark cannons smite the land with ear-shattering blows.

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The banks of the Nyssalei wither.

Illialei is black and brown and grey.

I stand with one foot in the river. A luminous thing drifts to the water’s surface. Gold swirls frame it. I take a closer look. A mermaid. Drowned in the sewage of destruction.

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“Melia,” someone calls.

I search for the speaker. He stands in the east — a male with dark hair, sunburnt skin, and emerald eyes.

He holds out his hand. It doesn’t reach me. A brown cloak billows behind him.

I want to move toward him, but my feet are rooted.

“I’ll stay with you,” he says. “No matter what.”'

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The icy water pooling around her ankles brought Melia back to reality. She touched her forehead. Was the man with the emerald eyes the one Nandana had spoken of? How had he come to her so soon? — Chapter 4. Sisters, Half Faerie

What's going on here?

Whatever it is, it's happening in THE INVISIBLE REALM. But it is REAL?

What, after all, is REAL? Does everything that happens in the visible realm happen in THE INVISIBLE REALM first — as a thought, an idea, energy, a dream?

If everything that happens in THE INVISIBLE REALM doesn't seed the visible, what blossoms and withers? Are humans mistaken in believing we are the maximal determiners of what crosses the threshold between THE INVISIBLE and the visible, or are other forces at work? At play? Are they "smarter" than we are? More "intelligent"? "Wiser"? Must our — do our — thoughts, ideas, energies, dreams —  get "filtered" through such forces?

From Love, an Inner Connection by Carol K. Anthony: Immediately upon the beginning of a true love relationship, a dynamic connection is established between the two lover's innermost selves. This connection exists in the form of an energy that flows back and forth between them, binding them together. It is as if a large underground tunnel, through which blissful nourishment flows, connects them. They are able to feel this nourishment though they may be thousands of apart.

Is the "male with dark hair, sunburnt skin, and emerald eyes" merely a supernatural natural presence to comfort and/or guide Melia on her quest? Regardless, the half faerie experiences an inexplicably strong attraction to him after this, his first appearance in her life.

The Dark Night of the Soul by Loreena Mckennitt:

The Dark Night of the Soul Lyrics:

Upon a darkened night
The flame of love was burning in my breast
And by a lantern bright
I fled my house while all in quiet rest

Shrouded by the night
And by the secret stair I quickly fled
The veil concealed my eyes
While all within lay quiet as the dead

Oh night thou was my guide
Oh night more loving than the rising sun
Oh night that joined the lover
To the beloved one
Transforming each of them into the other

Upon that misty night
In secrecy, beyond such mortal sight
Without a guide or light
Than that which burned so deeply in my heart
That fire t'was led me on
And shone more bright than of the midday sun
To where he waited still
It was a place where no one else could come


Within my pounding heart
Which kept itself entirely for him
He fell into his sleep
Beneath the cedars all my love I gave
From o'er the fortress walls
The wind would brush his hair against his brow
And with its smoothest hand
Caressed my every sense it would allow


I lost myself to him
And laid my face upon my lover's breast
And care and grief grew dim
As in the morning's mist became the light
There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair
There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair
There they dimmed amongst the lilies fair

As a half-faerie, Melia is an outcast in the enchanted world where she lives with her two sisters and full-blood faerie mother. The girls' father has been exiled to the mortal world for breaking his faerie troth. When a tragic accident destroys what's left of Melia's fractured family, her mother is unforgiving. The punishment she metes out will leave her daughter torn between guilt and ecstasy, challenge the bonds between three sisters, and complicate Melia's relationship with a young priest who’s come to the Realm of Faerie on a mission of his own.

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