Friday, May 6, 2016

Meditation & Eclectic Spirituality, Volume 11

Following up on Sunburned: A Blog Series About Spirituality that I wrote while doing research for War & Grace, the final installment in my epic fantasy trilogy Daughter of Light, I've been posting weekly links to meditation-stillness-(& ecletic) spirituality things around the web.


Ooom: Colleges turn to meditation to her you destress: it’s “self-directed” and costs nothing

The Baffling Appeal of Being "Spiritual but Not Religious": The baffling appeal of believing you can find God in a book ... or by joining ...  a group who believes you can find God in a book ...

Treat What You Love to Do as God: Violinist H. N. Baskar offers a refreshing perspective on things spiritual.

How Dreams Shaped the Evolution of Spirituality & Religion:  To the big dreamer and little dreamer in each of us.

Neurotheology helps settle relationship between spirituality, science: Cool. A new word. And a new way of understanding the connections between our reality and how we experience our reality; neurotheology: the scientific study of the neural correlates of religion or spiritual beliefs and practices.

No Texts, Please, We're Meditating: The door through which we may all enter and be welcomed.

Put meditation on the menu to boost weight loss success: I love the idea of using meditation in the treatment and prevention of childhood obesity.

A Blog Series About Spirituality

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