Friday, April 22, 2016

Meditation & Eclectic Spirituality, Volume 9

I wrote Sunburned: A Blog Series About Spirituality while doing research for War & Grace, the final installment in my epic fantasy trilogy Daughter of Light. Neither the book nor the series is about meditation, they're about consciousness ... and I suppose, a spirituality/worldview beyond the religions that are commonly practiced today. Anyway, because meditation is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to transform your consciousness, I enjoy sharing interesting links from around the web on the subject every Friday


Use Mindfulness to Create Better Habits: By turning of autopilot.

Natural Living: The healing power of meditation: Keeping things simple.

Meditation for Kids: Which might better for those (ADD) kids in the long run? Medication ... or meditation?

Don't Just Lift, Get Lifted at SF's Newest Strength + Meditation Workout: What a great mix!

It's Brain Science: University Fights Binge Drinking With Meditation: Each year 1,825 college students die from alcohol-related injuries ... Really?!?!? That is mind-boggling (no pun intended)! Are you in college? Would you take the challenge to live in a substance-free dorm?

How mindfulness meditation teaches children to manage their emotions: Again, the benefits of a few minutes a day isn't just for adults.

The images of chimps thrilled me: do they show evidence of spirituality in the wild?: Here is something to ponder ...

Goodall witnessed chimps performing a specific kind of swaying dance around large waterfalls, in thunderstorms, and during heavy rains. This dance suggests a sense of ceremony and appreciation of the natural world, which as Goodall speculates, might be “related to awe and wonder, that could lead to one of those early animistic religions where people worship water and sun and elements they can’t understand”.
A Blog Series About Spirituality

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