Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spiritual Exhortations

So what is my BIGGEST spiritual pet peeve?

Spiritual exhortations.

What am I referring to as spiritual exhortations? Basically, they’re this: Any statement that says: IF YOU grow spiritually—if you meditate—if you go to church—if you study scripture—you get the idea, THEN THIS: you will become: MORE BETTER.

And what is: MORE BETTER?

Glad you asked.

MORE BETTER is ALWAYS what the person who is making the spiritual exhortation wants you to become. The key words being: “the person” i.e. other human being—believe me, they are as limited as you, no matter how much they want to convince you that they are better equipped to decode your experience of spirituality than—the other key word—“you”—are.

This kind of predictive dogmatism just drives me nuts. Why? Well, the Creative Principle, the Divine, God, whatever you want to call it, is so, well, creative, limitless, and playful … that no one no way no how can know exactly what will happen if/when you connect with Source!

Think about it.

No one knows the End Game of your union with the Divine. Maybe not even the Divine. Certainly no other human.
This is also related in a big way to the “we are one” theology. Yes, we are connected; being connected is not the same as being the same. Perhaps it’s just a battle of semantics, but why, why, why, are we always trying to return to the womb? Even if/when it’s a Cosmic One, returning, going back being THE PURPOSE of our existence is non-sensical. If THE PURPOSE is to go back, re-unite, why leave in the first place?


I think the BIG GOAL is to grasp how truly unique we are—accept, appreciate, embrace?, support, tolerate, whatever-level-we-can-muster-of-living-with our own unique-ness and everyone else’s—to move beyond national, racial, tribal, and family values. THE GROUP. See. Evolution is the individual thriving within the group, not just one leader, or the upper echelon, but everyone, thriving in their uniqueness. Until then, it’s just THE GROUP doing everything they can, in every way they can, to eradicate, obliterate, suffocate, our inconceivable uniqueness.

See I think the Cosmos is moving from unity to singularity—not from unity to the illusion of singularity back to unity. But that’s just me. Oh, and maybe Aldous Huxley too ... 

Grateful for every bone in my body.

Within this framework, the purpose of mortal life is to bring the soul’s essence to fulfillment. Various qualities inherent to mortal existence challenge this purpose: a certain spiritual density (seemingly unique to mortals), a propensity to relinquish individual thought, a tendency toward mental and/or physical sloth, to name a few. A relatively small number of mortals ever achieve their destiny in a single lifetime; thus, upon death, few are released to the Unknown Beyond.

A greater number of mortals die without knowing or experiencing themselves to any significant degree. Their souls (vessels of consciousness) are reabsorbed into the primal essence of the Whole. While lost to the individual, residual consciousness from prior lives is pooled within the primal essence of the Whole for rebirth.

It bears emphasis: The Whole conserves all consciousness. Considering the grave obstacles mortals must overcome in its attainment, any gains along these lines is deemed worth preserving.—Half Faerie, Daughter of Light

On Friday, I’ll give you my take on meditation.