Friday, November 6, 2015

Kiran, Mystic Girl in the City

Kiran, Mystic Girl in the City, is the first contemporary spiritual teacher I’d like to introduce in the Sunburned series. She’s quite refreshing and unique, and always has a valuable insight or alternate perspective to share. She’s also had an AWAKENING.

Here’s how she explains it on her blog:

One day in April of 2005 I died. I died into a bliss. In a moment, sitting on the bed, changing shoes for a date, and suddenly I was gone. A spontaneous and complete awakening into true nature, it later became known as. Three days later when this spaciousness that used to be my body found that body, it wrote, “Such a strange death this is, a suicide, I have died into bliss.”

I know! For those of us who aren’t steeped in seeking enlightenment or striving to AWAKEN, it sounds a bit whacked. It only becomes more so when she describes how she sees reality now: in matrix-like code.


But I’d already listened to her video, 5 Common Pitfalls of Spiritual Awakening, by the time I found her blog and read her bio, so I’d already recognized her gift for expressing spiritual truth in everyday speak. So despite her remarkable claims—which I’ll confess awakened the skeptic in me!—I began poking around her website.

As a teacher, Kiran offers a book, courses, one-on-one sessions, meditations, and some valuable freebies. Most notable of those freebies are her weekly Youtube videos, chock full of straight—spiritual—talk. Each video is in the 5-minute range and titled by issue: Dealing with the Unexpected, This Advice Always Pisses Me Off, Worried About Your Kids? ...  There are more than fifty, and I encourage you to take a look.

I’m not going to break down the whole 5 Common Pitfalls of Spiritual Awakening video—I’ve embedded it below—but I’d like to share the three points she spoke about which were so “opening-the-window-and-letting-the-sunlight-of-the-spirit-gently-flow-in” for me.

1. Making the form very secondary and less valuable than the formless
Okay, maybe that’s not everyday speak! But you know what this is. The belief that your spirit is more important than body. That your desires are somehow dubious. That our lives here on planet Earth are ultimately some meaningless illusion.

I totally agree with this as a pitfall of “being spiritual”. When we condescend to our bodies, we’re basically debasing an incredible gift that we’ve been given. I also believe that our desires are as much a part of our indwelling divinity as anything else that we are; and I just want to jump up and down and shake my fists when anyone trivializes this life because it's not a permanent state! In my way of seeing things, the ephemeral is as important as the eternal. Paradox, after all, is the hallmark of the spiritual.

So when Kiran says: “The only thing that is happening is formlessness coming into form,” I'm like, YES!

2. Mistaking spiritual culture for spiritual reality
I’d never heard the term “spiritual culture” applied in the way Kiran applies it. However, once I heard her put those two words together like that, I was like, YES! (Again!) Spiritual Culture is what drives me nuts. Spiritual Culture is what turns me off.

Spiritual Culture is the sediment that has built up over time and buried spiritual reality.

3. You’ve had a genuine awakening, but fear you messed up somehow, because suddenly you’re experiencing feelings like rage and grief

“Feeling feelings is a big part of waking up."

My third, YES! Because when I experienced my Awakening (not AWAKENING), part of that passage was about five years laced with intense grief. (Yes, there was some rage in there, too.) And though I’ve always seen that period as significant and powerful, I’ve never fully embraced its contribution to my personal spiritual growth.

Because in Spiritual Culture, there IS a hierarchy of emotions: joy and bliss are seen as higher, angelic emotions, while anger, grief and rage are seen as lower (much lower) demonic emotions; in other words, if you’re feeling the blues, you’re NOT spiritually evolved.

Geez. Talk about a third-degree burn!

But listening to the truth radiate from Kiran’s video, I was able to re-visit that long ago period in my life, and reclaim it in a way that was completely affirming.

Then, Joy comes.

The water faerie spoke about Melia as if she weren’t standing a few paces in front of her. “The sooner she allows her tears to wash away the dirt in her heart, the sooner she’ll be able to see clear and find her way.Half Mortal, Daughter of Light #2
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On Tuesday, I think I’ll discuss the spirituality of The Blues!