Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Book Maven Reviews Half Faerie and Half Mortal

Thank you The Book Maven for reading and reviewing the first two books in Daughter of LightHalf Faerie and Half Mortal!

She had this to say about Half Faerie:

This was a fantastic new world. I truly enjoyed the story and the complicated characters. Melia really develops well throughout the story. She and the other significant characters propel the book further into the world that Heidi Garrett has created. The detail and excellent storytelling allows the reader to fully dive into the world of Faerie. As the characters make the difficult choices, the reader will feel as though they are making the choices with them. If you like the idea of faeries, pixies, brownies and many other mythical creatures you will enjoy Half Faerie.

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And here are some of there thoughts about Half Mortal:

This was a great continuation to this story. It really propels the story into a new realm of excitement and intrigue. I really liked the addition of Jade as a contender to host Umbra. I thought it really had you guessing what would happened between her and Ryder and what would happen with Melia’s idea of hosting Umbra herself. I also enjoyed the deepening of Ryder’s story within this second book.

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