Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cover Reveal: Isolt's Enchantment

I'm excited to announce Isolt's Enchantment will be released on May 5th, and share the gorgeous cover designed by amazing author and cover designer Jason Gurley!

About Isolt's Enchantment:

Long before the half-faerie Melia was born in the mortal world, the god Vulcan married Isolt of the Waters. When she betrayed him, the seeds of a great war were planted in the Void. This prequel to the Daughter of Light series tells the story of Ryder's life in Idonne, along with seven other tales, including the creation of the Whole.

Drum Roll, please!


“I will travel to Azyllai to tell my people the good news,” Vulcan said. “I have prepared for them a home where they can live in peace, far from the reach of the gods’ and goddesses’ mercurial demands.”

Una watched Vulcan disappear beyond the boundaries of dark and light, but with the sun, moon, and stars filling her skies, she no longer felt alone.

As the sun warmed her spinning body in the days, and the moon cooled her inner fires at night, life stirred within her. One day she gave birth to a daughter, beautiful, vivacious and flowing. Una claimed, “I shall name you Isolt of the Waters, for you have brought with you all the springs, rivers, lakes, and oceans.”

Isolt giggled as Una’s noble garden blossomed.