Monday, April 7, 2014

There's a Reason the Guru Stays on the Mountain

For a long, long time... I've been fascinated by the spiritual, the things we can't see, yet we know must exist. How do we know they exist? Because they're the things that give our life meaning, by nourishing our hearts with emotions that fulfill and satisfy us. And even when those moments are fleeting, they provide touchstones for our journey through life.

Of late, I've been in my own process of reconnecting with that THING.

When I look back at the path I've taken, over the past couple years, my head spins. And I realize, that in many respects I lost my way, my connection to that THING. It's too easy when starting a new endeavor to be overtaken by external voices and opinions... how true for embarking on the path of Indie Author.

What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to do it? There are so many answers, some tried and true, others full of hope, storming in upon a tsunami of distraction. Add in the nuts and bolts of the trade, the ecstasy of sales, etc. and one can find one's Self treading the ocean of information as the shore of deeper meaning and purpose fades from the horizon.

How to recalibrate? 

For me, there's been some soul searching, much inner quieting down, and considerable contemplation about why I write what I write.

The one thing I've decided with certainty is: There's a reason the guru stays on the mountain.
No distractions. No daunting pull of others' needs and desires. No market forces to mess with one's serenity, and if the THING exists in some realm above us, the mountain top offers sheer proximity.

And yet, the valley calls...

And spring blooms...

And I find myself renewed and hopeful...