Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Half Faerie is back from Desert Rose Literary Services

As I mentioned in a prior post, we're in the process of preparing to republish the first book in what will be Daughter of Light,  Half Faerie. I'm so excited to release this book in the way that it was originally written. A significant part of this effort has been to have the entire book re-edited by Ken Wallin  of Desert Rose Literary Services.

I recently got the manuscript back from Ken and am preparing the final revisions. Ken's edits are fantastic. As a writer, sometimes you're so focused on the story that other things slip through the cracks ... things like sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, and the myriad typos that plague a manuscript. A talented editor is critical in finessing the final work.

Ken has also edited all of the stories in my Once Upon a Time Today collection. All I can say is that working with him and his wife, Rose, has been a pleasure, and I highly recommend their services.

Pretty soon, I'll be sharing some excerpts from the new book with my email list and I think you'll see why I'm so excited.