Sunday, December 22, 2013

Desert Rose Offers 50% Off Tour Services Booked in January!

First off, let me just say “Thank You!” to Heidi for having me on your blog again!  I’m flattered to be doing a guest post on Eating Magic :)  I’ve really enjoyed doing this tour with you, and it’s made me so excited for Desert Rose Tours!

I can’t believe the Once Upon a Time Today tour is wrapping up already, but I’m looking forward to next year!  We’re getting the final details of our tour service hammered out over the Holidays, and January is going to bring some really exciting stuff!  We’re going to be having a Grand Opening Sale, and for authors (indie and newbie authors, esp), this will be awesome!  For anyone who signs up for a Desert Rose Tour in January, you’ll receive a discounted price of 50% off!  Even if the tour is scheduled for September, you’ll still receive the discounted price if you sign up any time in Jan! :D

We’re hoping to start off with a bang, and we have some really great stuff coming out after New Years.  Once we’ve all gotten eating and holiday fun out of our system, we can start celebrating creativity, with some awesome book/music/art parties! :D

We’re also starting our music tour promotions, and are booking some music tours!!  We’ll have things like music video tours, album releases, cover reveals (album style), and tons of music playlists!! :D  

If you are or have any music/author friends who would like to find out more about our awesome parties (tours), please visit our Music Tours page, and Book Tours page!  Or, contact us for more info, and we’d be happy to chat!

Thanks again Heidi, for having us on your blog.  We’re looking forward to your next book release, and looking forward to partying in 2014! :D
Did you miss the Once Upon a Time Today Tour?