Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Sins of Butter, Eggs, Flour & Sugar

I'm still reading The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman. I read one of the fourteen stories at a time, so I can make it last. But there will still be The End.

I'm thinking about finding this place, Blackwell, Massachusetts. I want to climb High Top Mountain and find a bear in a cave. Or better yet, a bear cub. Then stop by the Jack Straw Bar and Grill, maybe I'll hear some good stories from the locals. I don't think I'll swim in Eel River, even though there aren't that many eels in it anymore, not like there used to be, anyway. But I'll go have a look. Maybe sit for a awhile on the riverbank and see if the Apparition shows up.

I will definitely eat an apple.

Too bad Ava Cooper went back to California. Otherwise, I could indulge in some Devil's Food Cake, Lust Cake, Gluttony Cake—or maybe one slice each of Gratitude Cake and Apology Cake. Unless Envy Cake is what's on the menu.
All those sins of butter, eggs, flour, and sugar.
Maybe it would be easier to get down to San Francisco and stand in line on a Saturday night.