Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating Magic: Tiger Born

I'm reading Tiger Born (Demon Age) by M. A. Nilles, one of those free Kindle books. It's very random, me picking up a book to read. I do these searches on my Kindle and come up with all kinds of things…ehm...because I don't have enough books to read already…but that's how I stumbled across Tiger Born.

I LOVE Tigers. I have another Tiger book, The Tiger by John Vaillant, on my bookshelf. I WILL read it...someday.

So Tiger Born is pretty hardcore fantasy. We're in another world with exotic names, which, of course, I love. The first few chapters aren't as tight as I like. There's Je'Rol, the main character who's born from a Tiger demonlord father and a human mother. Which makes him a half-blood. Which is an abomination. He has blood rages which make him very dangerous.

In the opening scene he's captured by the sorceress, Liandra. She embeds a stone in his chest that she uses to control him. So in the first few chapters there is a lot of growling (from Je'Rol) along with a lot of "You will obey me" (from Liandra).

Then there come these gladiator scenes. They're pretty good. The natters—lower demon forms—are pretty nasty.

I'm enjoying the story.