Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Emm Cole, author of Merminia, tagged me for the blog meme 7-7-7.
Thank you!
What in the heck is 7-7-7?

Seven lines from the seventh paragraph of the seventh page of your current Work In Progress (WIP).

My current WIP is Half Mortal. Okay, I cheated, it's eleven lines. Hopefully, the blog meme police will not come to arrest me!

From Chapter 3: The Golden Orchards

By the time they drew close to the Cathedral Palace, the traffic trickled to non-existent; and the knight’s presence at the tree house had transformed into something ominous in Melia’s mind.

Tatou followed her off the road.

Melia didn’t say anything until they’d reached the break beyond the cherry trees lining the dirt boulevard that led to the palace and the Grand Library where Uncle Raffles was. “Let’s sneak through the orchards,” she whispered.

The pixie nodded.

Melia had always loved the ancient trees’ fruit: abundant golden apples as big as two of her fists. She never walked their shaded paths without crunching on at least one. Today, she ignored their ripe scent as she stalked to the line where the neat orderly rows of trees devolved into a tangled web of leaves and limbs and trunks. It was the place where she and her sisters had preferred to play hide-and-seek when they’d first come to Illialei. She knew it well.

“The news about Plantine must have already crossed the river,” her friend whispered.

Melia hoped that’s all it was: rumor and innuendo that she and Tatou could put to rest with the truth, but apprehension clutched her throat, and it wouldn’t let go. 

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